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Times Avenue
It just not enough to build your home but equally important to decide where you live. The surroundings matter. The neighborhood matter. The amenities and distance at which they are available matters. At the time of crisis or an emergency the location of availability services matters. Yes it matters where you live. It is an important where you live. It is as important as how you live. And Times Square Constructions ensure that not only you live comfortably but also be proud of the address you own.

Times 9th avenue content
The project is spread over 19.2 acres. It has well developed well demarcated and well planned 146.6 sq ysds 165 sq yds 176.3 sq yds and 240 sq yds plots. the promoters and builders have designed the group housing villas in such a way that you are close to mother nature and every breath you take is rich with freshness, energy and tranquillity. Times square constructions has taken a decisive step forward with their current mega project- Times 9th avenue. The project to be launched at Suraram, sadashivpet, will have Residential open plots, villas and culb house

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