About Us

Times Square Constructions backed by decades of experience in executing variety of construction projects with a degree of practical nous, Style and professionalism. It is now in a position to have reached the orbit of expertise and perfection.

Times Square Constructions has allowed itself to be termed a builder who is unable to construct anything which is cold, concrete and heartless. And that has been its biggest compliment. Its numerous works of art in concrete are singing a song of quality, Elegance, Planning and Perfect execution. They draw on the huge experience collected over years of dedicated building activity. It is based on perfect and timely execution of projects. These endearing qualities have enabled them to get heartwarming praise from their customers as well as a swelling of their trust bank.

The neo - converts are not allowed to get disappointed as Times Square Constructions does not allow itself to become complacent. It is this admirable attitude towards quality, bordering on passionate devotion, which has allowed its numerous residential and commercial ventures to become runway sucess stories.

Every aspect of this project - from inception to planning, formulation of approaches to execution of vision and skillful maneuvering of resources and talent - has been marked by a touch of professionalism. And this professionalism approach is the reflection of knowledge gained over the years due to hard work, dedication and confidence.

Times Square Constructions practically live the concept of Total Professionalism and it is a mantra chanted by management as well as the skillful , dedicated and hardworking workforce. And this honest dedication to professionalism reflects its ethically laudable intentions, Skillful execution and confident presentation of its projects.


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