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The Telangana state government is all set to announce the Building Regularisation Scheme(BRS) and the Layout Regularisation Scheme(LRS) in GHMC limits before the corporation polls that are expected to be held in December this year. Official sources say the schemes are likely to be announced by September.Each illegal building has been estimated to fetch Rs.1.60 lakhs towards regularisation fees resulting in revenue of nearly Rs.1500 crores to the state exchequer.Besides,another Rs.500 crores is expected to be earned through the LRS.
clock_icon  01/09/2015

Property buyers should apply for permission and GHMC will grant approvals at the earliest. one should be very careful while purchasing land.
clock_icon  15/08/2014

There will be a missive crackdown on illegal buildings under constructions from Tuesday.
clock_icon  22/08/2014

Telangana chief minister k. chandrasekar rao directed officials to retrieve lands belonging to the endowments department that have been encroached on.
clock_icon  15/08/2014

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